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Michael k Davis ​

Primarily a 2-D visual artist, I specialise in charcoal portraiture, oil painting and digital art. I have studied in the classical atelier style at London College of Fine Art Studios under Mark Chen and Domino Roe, which has been an essential training in stillness and patience as much as technique: I am an emergent artist at the beginning of my exhibiting career, although I have always drawn. An important strand of my work is the relationship between the human form and earth-derived, organic elements. This results in contemporary digital images, incorporating hand-drawn and painted elements with abstractions, for example, from crystallised minerals. I have created a range of mural prints with geodes, which grew from early experimentation. Much of my work explores the timelessness of early cultural aesthetics, especially black civilisations. I work out of a studio in Hastings which I share with my wife.



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